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  • Raw cured products

    Bacon slices / Breakfast bacon

    So delicious, straight from the frying pan

    Whose mouth doesn’t water just thinking about crispy fried bacon slices for breakfast? Bacon is simply the perfect choice to go with all sorts of egg dishes. But burgers as well become an unforgettable taste sensation topped with our bacon.

    • raw cured product, in slices
    • customisable packaging options
    • chilled or deep frozen
    • available in 100 g – 1000 g modified atmosphere packaging
    • practical cardboard box / E2 crate

    Bacon Strips

    The perfect topping for burgers, pasta, and more

    We transform pork belly into tender bacon strips using the latest technology, with a traditional note in the preparation. Gives pasta dishes and casseroles an interesting smoky note, and the fried strips are a great crispy topping for salads.

    • raw cured bacon in strips
    • available in 100 g – 15 kg modified atmosphere packaging, or loose
    • always ready to use: chilled or IQF
    • many uses in the kitchen
    • practical cardboard box / E2 crate

Our Companies

We offer our customers a large portfolio of companies and brands to create customised value-added food products.