Our services focus on the processing and distribution of beef, pork, plant based and poultry, as well as the production of meat products and convenience products for system catering, foodservice, food retail and the B2B business.

  • Foodservice

    Are you a professional in the foodservice sector, in food wholesaling or a bulk consumer?
    We supply you with high-quality products ranging from meat to plant-based alternatives.
    With us you will find many variations of Beef, Chicken and More. No matter what you need and when you need it – be it for breakfast, lunch, main dishes, side dishes, snacks, appetizers or desserts – you can rely on us.

    From high-quality raw materials to ready-to-cook products – we ensure the highest quality in our products through standards that far exceed legal requirements.
    In modern factories, we process only the best ingredients according to strict German and international specifications. From the farmer to the end product, we guarantee complete traceability. In this way, we guarantee you healthy, tasty and safe food at all times.

    Have questions? Take a look at our assortment or feel free to contact us directly at or use our service number +49 3221 10513-00.

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  • Retail

    Currently, food retail products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities throughout Europe. We are particularly proud of our expertise in the latest food trends and market needs, our decades of production experience and innovative product development, as well as our expertise in logistics and modern packaging. Together with our retail customers, we strive to translate our high product quality into customer requirements. 

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  • B2B

    Our specialty… customizing!

    As a leading global food supplier, OSI Group works with the whole world. Leading brands provide solutions that delight consumers internationally.

    Our global network of manufacturing facilities coupled with local expertise ensures our customers an unparalleled set of product and supply chain capabilities. The products needed for the B2B sector are developed in-house and tailored precisely to individual requirements. Our customers entrust us with their most valuable asset: their good name.

    We take exceptional food safety steps to repay our customers’ trust. Our incentive is to ensure that every product we make provides unsurpassed food safety and consistent food quality. At the heart of our business is an ambitious passion and agility that gives the Customers curiosity and a successful ethic.

    Discover the many ways we can support your product development with our assortment and expertise. The listed assortment can be individually adapted to your requirements.

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  • Trading

    In the trading sector, we import high-quality meat, poultry and seafood products internationally and thus act as a proven expert for import and customs clearance throughout Europe.

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Our Locations

OSI is one of the largest privately held food manufacturers in the world. Check out our locations and brands here.

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Our Commitments

OSI’s commitment to sustainability is long-standing, grounded in the belief that our experience and influence offers us a tremendous opportunity to make positive impacts in our industry, our business and the lives of people around the world.

Our Commitments