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Since 2007, ALPENRIND, with its base in Salzburg, has distinguished itself as a sustainable, regional company and a partner of regional agriculture. The company focuses on proximity to farmers, short transport routes and careful procedures for the animals.

As one of the leading meat marketers in Austria, ALPENRIND attaches great importance to high-quality products. In order to meet the high demands of its customers, the company itself and independent authorities, carry out a large number of strict control and quality processes, which guarantee the highest food safety.

ALPENRIND carries all beef products, which are distributed for further processing to highly specialized, well-known food producers throughout Europe and beyond. In addition to about 130 of our own employees in Salzburg, about 200 other employees are employed through service companies.

ALPENRIND is convinced that employees who are satisfied in their workplace perform at their best.

ALPENRIND belongs to OSI Europe and is therefore part of the OSI Group.



We are particularly proud of:

  • Our sustainability strategy:

For ALPENRIND, the human, animal and environmental cycle is enormously important.

ISO 14001 certified, ALPENRIND is committed to the careful use of natural resources, the responsible use of energy sources and the minimization of waste in all operational areas and activities.

The certification is carried out by an independent certification body and guarantees that ALPENRIND is constantly engaged in active environmental protection.

  • Our treatment of animals:

Species-appropriate handling and respect for the animal and compliance with the Animal Welfare Act have top priority at ALPENRIND. Independent veterinarians monitor all production processes from the moment the live animals are delivered.

  • Our high quality:

Before a product leaves ALPENRIND, it is checked many times.

High standards are documented by recognized certificates and quality seals.

ALPENRIND guarantees complete proof of the origin of the meat – from the delivery of the live animals to the dispatch of the goods to the customer.

  • Our food safety culture according to the motto “Food Safety Always”
  • Our corporate culture, which is based on seven corporate values
  • Our qualified employees who do outstanding work every day

Our Companies

We offer our customers a large portfolio of companies and brands to create customised value-added food products.