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  • Ham

  • Bacon / Cured Pork


    Perfect for sandwiches with a tender bite

    Our bacon is made from the pork rib with a thin layer of fat. The select cuts of meat are first cured, then gently smoked over beechwood and allowed to dry and mature. At henri van de bilt, we let our bacon ripen in climate-controlled chambers.

    • bacon from pork rib, with a thin layer of fat.
    • cured and smoked with traditional methods
    • naturally lean, whole cuts of meat
    • available in chunks suitable for custom slicing
    • also available in logs for further processing


  • Bacon Varieties

    Breakfast Bacon

    The hearty accompaniment to sandwiches and egg dishes

    We still make our breakfast bacon the traditional way from lean pork belly. First dry-salted, allowed to mature in climate-controlled chambers, then smoked over beechwood and allowed to dry further – that’s what gives our Breakfast Bacon its typical mild taste. It’s delicious fried, either by itself or with toast and egg dishes.

    • Breakfast Bacon, made in the traditional way
    • whole slab of marbled meat
    • cured, cooked and smoked lean bacon
    • lightly smoked for a mild aromatic taste
    • available in chunks suitable for custom slicing

  • Cooked Bacon

    Cooked Bacon

    Pre-cooked and ready to go in busy kitchens

    To make things easier for you in the kitchen, we’ve precooked our Streaky Bacon in a convection oven. We prepare our mild baon to varying degrees of crispiness, so you’re sure to find the right product for your kitchen. Our Streaky Bacon is ideal for further frying, but is also ready to eat as-is.

    • mild bacon, pre-sliced
    • pre-cooked in various degrees of crispiness
    • ideal for oven grilling
    • grilling makes it extra-crispy, with an appetising colour
    • available in various package sizes for every need


    Crispy Bacon

    The crispy hit for your meals

    Our Crispy Bacon comes pre-fried, with a lovely dark colour and ready to eat. Simply reheat briefly, and you’re ready to add a hearty crunch to your meals.

    • aromatic pre-sliced bacon
    • pre-cooked and ready to serve
    • lovely dark colour and hearty taste
    • simply warm up and enjoy
    • available in various package sizes to suit every need


    Cooked Bacon Varieties

    Something for everyone

    We at henri van de bilt can prepare our pre-cooked bacon in to whatever size you need. From chips to crumbs, add some extra taste to pizza, salads, snacks and meals. Or would you like different flavourings? Let us know!

    • Pre-cooked bacon, available in various degrees of crispiness
    • individual sizing to order, from chips to crumbs
    • also available in many different flavours
    • simply warm briefly and enjoy, or use cold in salads
    • available in various package sizes to suit every need

  • Spare Ribs

    Spare Ribs

    The BBQ classic!

    Masterly spare ribs for all barbecue fans and those who want to become one.
    Juicy pork ribs that fall tenderly off the bone. An unmistakable flavour, topped and coated with an extra portion of sauce. A culinary ritual that makes you want more.

    Slow-cooked for an unforgettable BBQ experience:
    • For the perfect rub, raw ribs are added to the marinade
    • After vacuuming, the meat is flavoured with intense seasoning for hours.
    • The spices give the spare ribs, particularly the Sweet & Spicy variety, an especially intense, meaty red colour.
    • Perfectly prepared by low cooking at low temperature. For time savings and a delicate flavour experience when barbecuing.
    • Quick cooling for a top-quality product.

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  • Smoke-dried Meat

    Smoke-Dried Beef

    The beef specialty with exceptional flavour

    Our smoke-dried beef is still made the traditional way. Select cuts of beef are first cured, then gently smoked over beechwood, before finishing the drying process in our climate-controlled chambers, where it gets its notable deep-red colour. This delicacy is available in net, casing or lightly salted.

    • a delicacy made from select beef
    • traditional manufacturing process for high-quality flavour
    • gently cured and beechwood-smoked
    • extended drying phase for deep-red colour
    • available in net or casing

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