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Sustainability 10th December 2020

OSI Global Sustainability Report: How We Determine Our Priorities and Targets

December 10, 2020 Sustainability can mean different things to different people. Broadly, at OSI, we think about it as being aware of our impacts and committing…

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Sustainability 9th December 2020

OSI Global Sustainability Report: Building Trust Through Rigorous Reporting Standards

December 9, 2020 Last week, we launched “,,Growing Together,” OSI’s third global report to detail the work we’re doing to put our sustainability vision into action.…

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Sustainability 26th November 2020

OSI Europe Takes a Crucial Step in Tracking Sustainability Progress in the Beef Industry

November 26, 2020 OSI Europe has introduced a supplier benchmarking system to understand and support the progression of sustainability in its beef supply chain. The annual…

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Sustainability 17th November 2020

Food Solutions and Foodworks Sites in Europe Exceed Zero Waste to Landfill Goal

November 17, 2020 OSI Europe‚Äôs Food Solutions and Foodworks sites are taking steps to reduce the quantity of waste ending up in landfill, with plants in…

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